Retaining Wall Brackets

These terms and conditions must be read before using.

The Retaining Wall Bracket (RWB) is a versatile, strong, many use bracket designed to be used on top of the retaining to extend height. Although the RWB is a very strong bracket, it still has its limitations which are as follows:

  • We recommend that the RWB should be welded on. It does have aligning holes, but we recommend that it is welded to the retaining wall to increase strength.
  • We recommend that the RWB should not be used in high wind areas, eg. costal areas, gullies, etc.
  • We recommend that the total height of the fencing or screening including the retaining wall should not exceed 1800 high. Anything above this height should be engineer advised.
  • The RWB has not been engineered so using this product against our recommendations is at the consumer’s own risk.
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